Reno Federal Firearms License (FFL 01) Services

Due to circumstances, I cannot provide service until further notice. Your packages will be returned to sender.

Firearms Transfers- $25 per transaction, plus $25 background check fee (waived with CCW), plus 8.265% sales tax. I will get your package before it is returned to sender, but I may miss the delivery attempts and pick up from the shipping company as I work in town.

Attention: The department of taxation has established new tax requirements. Click on the link to see the details. This is a reinterpretation of existing law, and would imply that upon delivery of a parcel from the post office, the post man should collect tax based on what you paid for the product you purchased out of state. FFL dealers however are being singled out. Under previous interpretation of the law, you did not pay sales tax to the FFL for the price of firearms purchased out of state. Instead, in the past you could report this and pay this directly to the state on your own as use tax. But now this tax must be collected at the time of transfer as a sales tax. There are exceptions for gifts and "occasional sales" where the seller sells less than two items per year. Unfortunately this is the law now. The Nevada legislature rejected a measure to overturn this tax.

  • Gunsmithing/Parts
    • FEG AP~MBP 7.65 / PA63 Magazine Baseplate Retaining Button Insert. I have some aftermarket plastic pieces that can replace this part. Some surplus FEG magazines may be missing their original, which means the baseplate can slide off accidentally or with finger pressure instead of needing a magazine disassembly tool. E-mail me if you need one.
    • Aftermarket polymer trigger guards for Stevens/Savage 987 .22LR Rifle
  • Contact Information

    Phone: 775-247-1586


    0-Defeat is located in Cold Springs, a suburb 17 miles Northwest of Reno, Nevada. Washoe County.

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