For the Nevada Concealed Firearm Permit Course Information, return to the main page. NRA pistol courses do not meet the training requirements for a Nevada Concealed Firearm Permit.

NRA Pistol Courses

I am certified to teach the following NRA pistol courses. However, at the present I only book these courses one month in advance. Prices start at $400 for up to 4 students on a single day Monday, or Tuesday course.

NRA Courses available:

All of these NRA courses come with NRA certificates and follow the NRA syllabus. The price includes NRA student packets. NRA courses must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.

Weather Appropriate Clothing

The shooting component of these courses are conducted outside. It could be very cold or very hot. Dress for the outdoor weather. A hat is recommended to deflect shell casings and to keep the sun out of your eyes, as well as lotion to protect your skin from the ultra-violet radiation. For cold weather, gloves are recommended.

Contact Information

Phone: 775-247-1586